Spring is right around the corner, which, for many, means it’s time to clean and organize your apartment. New season, new you! And while the bulk of your spring cleaning will involve decluttering, it won’t hurt to add a few smart new items to help you get arranged. Enter, IKEA. To help you on your way, we’ve assembled eight IKEA products to organize your apartment.

Why should you get organized? Well, for one, your apartment will look superb. Also, you might even improve your sleep. According to Beaumont, “if you are disorganized, you may be staying up later to do something at the last minute, or worrying about something that needs to be done.” 

Alright, let’s check out some of our favorite IKEA items that will make your apartment feel more organized. 

NIKKEBY – Clothing Rack 

IKEA clothing rack apartment

Source: www.ikea.com

While IKEA designates the NIKEBY as a clothing rack, you can put whatever you want on this funky and convenient piece. Books, plants, art, clothes, shoes, you get the idea. Moreover, its vertical design creates a lot of storage space without taking up too much room. Set it by your apartment’s front door for a coat rack in the winter, then fill it with plants in the spring/summer. 

Want to spice it up? Paint the clothing rack to match the rest of your apartment. 

Price: $69

FINNALA Ottoman With Storage 

IKEA ottoman with storage

Source: www.ikea.com

Usually, “with storage” means an item is suitable for an organized pad. Since apartment renters need to be mindful of space, why not utilize your furniture for storage? Smart! With this ottoman, you can store small things around your place—for example, board games, blankets, shoes, etc. Oh, and it looks great too! The ottoman features a cover made of durable fabric with a wool-like feel, a warm look, and a two-toned mélange effect.

Price: $165

OMAR Shelf Unit 

ikea shelf unit

Source: www.ikea.com

Whether you put it in your kitchen, bedroom, or hallway, the OMAR shelf unit from IKEA can free up a lot of space. For instance, you can keep kitchen items such as jars, reusable Tupperware, and cookware organized and accessible. If you opt for a bedroom placement, the OMAR is excellent for stacking bulkier items such as sweaters. Finally, it’s easy to assemble. We love to hear it.

Price: $44.99 

GODMORGON Organizing Boxes 

IKEA box with lid

Source: www.ikea.com

You look around your apartment. Things seem ordered, in their proper places, neat, then…you open a drawer. That’s right; drawers are often the final destination for items that don’t seem to fit anywhere else. Moreover, we all waste too much time digging through drawer space looking for a single thing. Wait, where did we put that pair of scissors? 

Good news! IKEA’s plastic organizing boxes are an excellent solution for items from make-up to art supplies. 


FRAKTA Shopping Bag 

IKEA shopping bag for storage in apartment

Source: www.ikea.com

Now you can feel like you’re at IKEA in your apartment. The IKEA shopping bag is multi-functional and sturdy. Further, you can use it to carry laundry, store books & magazines, and groceries. If you live on your own or don’t generate many dirty clothes, the shopping bag is a consolidated option compared to a traditional basket or bin. And it’s stylish. Just check out this hat made from the same material. 

Price: $0.99

GREJIG Shoe Rack 

ikea shoe rack for storage

Source: www.ikea.com

Whether you’re a sneakerhead, outdoorsy, or like to buy shoes, the GREJIG shoe rack is right for you. Pile up to three pairs of shoes per shelf (stack up to three rows high). And while it fits great in a closet, the slick design makes the shoe rack worthy of your apartment living room. Do you have company? Set up an extra frame so guests can stack their shoes. 

Price: $4.99

OBSERVATÖR Clip-on Basket 

ikea clip on basket

Source: www.ikea.com

Clip-on, Clip-off. You’re going to love attaching these steel baskets onto walls and shelves or stack them on your apartment counters. These baskets are ideal for kitchen use because they can fit a lot and are easy to clean. Further, you can put fresh produce that doesn’t need to be refrigerated in these baskets—pro tip: rip a piece of a used paper bag and place it along the inside of the basket to keep fruit from bruising. 

Price: $4.00 

BUSKBO Rattan Magazine Stand 

ikea rattan magazine rack

Source: www.ikea.com

Rattan is all the rage in 2021, so why not add the look to your storage game. Keep your books and magazines organized and handy with this stylish magazine stand. Don’t be afraid to fill it with your favorite magazines because this stand is sturdy. Also, you’ll add a touch of nature to your apartment with its rattan aesthetic. Hey, you can even put the latest IKEA catalog in it. 

Price: $19.99

“For every minute spent organizing, an hour is earned.” – Benjamin Franklin

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