Your apartment kitchen. A place of solace, family bonding, and snacks…lots and lots of snacks. Whether you’re a talented cook or opt for frozen pizzas, any apartment renter can benefit from the smart use of space and storage in the kitchen—what better place to turn than IKEA? To help you on your way to peak use of space, we’ve put together a list of the ten best IKEA items for your apartment kitchen. 

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According to the USDA, Americans spend an average of nearly 40 minutes a day in their kitchens. While you probably spend much more than 40 minutes looking at your phone, it’s still a significant part of your day, so why not make the most of it? To help you on your way to a happy kitchen, we’ve selected the following IKEA items based on price, convenience, and utility for an apartment-sized kitchen. Alright, let’s get to the list! 

SUNNERSTA Kitchen Organizer

ikea apartment kitchen items


Price: $17.96

While IKEA offers many kitchen organizers, the SUNNERSTA is apartment-friendly with its no-drill design. As you all know, utilizing space is key in an apartment kitchen, which is why every centimeter matters. Add some vertical storage to an area that would otherwise be a backsplash or wall. Also, it’s easy to move around since you aren’t drilling it in place. 

RISATORP Wire Basket 

risatorp ikea basket


Price: $12.99

Odds are you have some pantry or cupboard space in your apartment kitchen. To make the most of limited space, we suggest IKEA’s wire baskets. Not only are these baskets perfect for kitchen utensils, but the ventilated steel mesh is excellent for fruit and veggie storage. Think avocadoes, bananas, and tomatoes. Wait, there’s more! The RISATORP wire baskets are easy to carry and make for great bathroom and office storage, too.

VIVALLA Tablet Stand

vivalla tablet


Price: $12.99

You know times have changed when IKEA lists a kitchen stand for a tablet with the optional use of holding a cookbook, not the other way around. Whether you’re on your device or flipping pages of your Grandma’s cookbook, the VIVALLA is a chef’s best friend. With a sleek design, the kitchen stand will look great on your countertop or hanging from a rail. 

And it’s made from sustainable bamboo. 

FINTORP Paper Towel Holder

Fintorp paper towel holder


Price: $10.99

While a paper towel holder might not be the most exciting suggestion, IKEA’s FINTORP is both practical and affordable. The holder features a rustic style, which will look much classier than a rogue paper roll sitting on your counter. Further, it’s only $10.99 (what a steal). 

SORTERA Recycling Bin 

sortera recycling bin


Price: $12.99

The SORTERA recycling bin is the perfect size for an apartment kitchen. Moreover, its foldable lid is easy to open. 

Why does every apartment need a recycling bin? Because US recycling levels are currently 21.4%, and we can do much better than that. 

VARIERA Pot Lid Organizer 

variera pot holder


Price: $12.99

Scattered pot lids are an often overlooked misuse of kitchen space. Further, pot lids are awkward, hard to find when needed, and noisy. IKEA to the rescue! The VARIERA offers a smart option for pot lid storage. Made of foldable stainless steel, the VARIERA fits inside most kitchen cabinets. Arrange your lids by size, so they’re easy to find. 

VARIERA Plate Holder

variera plate holder


Price: $9.99

IKEA is coming through yet again with an ingenious storage item for your apartment kitchen drawers. The VARIERA plate holder protects your plates from breaking and makes it easy to transport a stack of them all at once. No more precarious walk from the kitchen to the dining room with a handful of plates to set. 

KLOCKREN Universal Lid

klockren universal lids best ikea items for apartment kitchen


Price: $14.99/3-pack

Not to keep ragging on kitchen lids, but how come the size you need is always missing? Well, IKEA has a solution. The KLOCKREN set of three universal tops will give you more options for covering pots, pans, and glassware. When placed on a container, the lid creates a vacuum, sealing in heat or cold. Also, these universal lids are dishwasher safe for multiple uses. Just think of all the plastic wrap and aluminum foil you’ll save! 

FINTORP Dish Drainer 

fintorp dish drainer ikea


Price: $14.99/3-pack

Whether you don’t have a dishwasher or prefer washing dishes by hand, you’ll need an efficient dish drainer. And who says it can’t look nice? The black galvanized drainer displays great on your counter or hanging from a wall. Avoid a messy situation with the removable tray to catch water. 

GREJA Napkin Holder

greja ikea napkin holder


Price: $1.99

Many people keep stacks of napkins in a drawer or cupboard. Why? Because keeping napkins on the kitchen counter doesn’t look too classy. For less than $2, you can keep your napkins in a convenient spot all while showing off a sleek black holder.

We hope these IKEA items for your apartment kitchen help you on your way to a more organized, stylish, and convenient place to cook. Remember, your kitchen should be a place you enjoy spending time. Make the most of those 40 minutes, folks! 

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