How Swede it is! When it comes to practical and stylish furniture for your apartment, IKEA has it all. I mean, have you been to an IKEA store? You legit need a map to find an ironing board or duvet. In other words, shopping at IKEA can be overwhelming for apartment renters. For this reason, we’ve created lists of suggestions, starting with our 10 IKEA items for your apartment bathroom. 

IKEA introduces nearly 2,000 new products every year. And yes, each item is named after a real Swedish word. That’s a lot of things IKEA has to keep track of and sell, but with its largest store spanning 700,000 sq ft, it’s no surprise IKEA can handle it. 

Everyone has their style and needs, so we’ve tried to keep our list practical and beneficial for apartment living. One obstacle apartment renters have to maneuver around is lack of space. Even in our larger McKinley apartments, residents will want to utilize smart storage items. Read our list of ten small bathroom ideas to try now. 

Try these 10 IKEA accessories for your apartment bathroom!


Item: Baskets
Price: $9.99

This set of two blue baskets are perfect for utilizing storage in a small apartment bathroom. Whether you place them in a corner, on a counter, or hang them from the wall, you’ll be surprised how much you can fit in each basket.  


Item: Laundry Bag and Stand
Price: $9.99

Even after a grueling workday, tossing your clothes on the floor is not the best option. The SKUBB bag is nice and narrow so that you can fit it in your bathroom or a closet. Wet towels? No worries! IKEA makes SKUBB bags from a material that doesn’t absorb water.


Item: Utility Cart
Price: $29.99

This popular item is on wheels, which means you can move it to wherever you need it! If you’re getting ready for a fun night on the town, you can roll the utility cart into your bathroom for shower items, then back into your room for makeup, lotion, etc. 


Item: Toothbrush Holder
Price: $5.99

Counter space at your apartment bathroom sink is prime real estate, especially if you share it with roommates. Use a TISKEN to avoid the crowd of cups, toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, etc. 

This toothbrush holder comes with a suction cup so that you can hang your toothbrush from the wall. 


Item: Shower squeegee
Price: $1.99

You’re going to have way too much fun cleaning your shower with this squeegee. Here’s a pro-tip: keep the squeegee in your shower and wipe your glass and tile after each use. Removing moisture from these areas after every shower will keep it looking fresh and clean. 


Item: Hanging storage
Price: $19.99

Surprise! Another storage item. Look, when you live in an apartment, smart storage is your friend. These hand-crocheted items come in a hanging fleet of three pouches. 

The pouches are surprisingly roomy and can fit many items, including brushes, curling irons, and slippers. 


Item: Shower Curtain
Price: $1.99

We wouldn’t dare choose a shower curtain design for you, but we can suggest a very affordable liner. You can keep your bathroom floor nice and dry with this clear plastic curtain for only $1.99. It’s not often these days you find a quality product for under two bucks. 


Item: Slippers
Price: $2.99

We’ll keep the theme of ridiculously affordable going with IKEA’s comfy TÅSJÖN slippers. On a cold day, you’ll want to slide these bad boys on as soon as you get out of the shower. IKEA makes the slippers out of 100% polyester with a minimum of 90% recycled content. 

And the price? Drum roll…only $2.99. 

Speaking of a cold day, read our tips on how to winterize your Apartment.


Item: Hair Towel
Price: $2.99 / 2 pack

Do you want to save time drying your hair after a shower? The IKEA hair towel wrap absorbs excess moisture from your head while you get dressed, put on makeup, etc. Plus, it’s much gentler than wringing your hair. 


Item: Trash can
Price: $9.99

IKEA’s TOFTAN is a sleek one-gallon trashcan that’s the right size for an apartment bathroom. Further, the simple design makes it easy to match and pair with other bathroom accessories. 

Make the most of your apartment bathroom with IKEA accessories! 

When you need to accessorize and furnish an apartment bathroom, IKEA is an excellent one-stop store. While some IKEA furniture can get a bit pricey, its smaller accessories, such as the ones on this list, are affordable and practical. 

Stay tuned to our McKinley Life Blog for more IKEA lists for your apartment!