Living in Orlando has plenty of amazing benefits. Not only is it filled with incredible night life and wonderfully vibrant culture, but you’ll also enjoy everything that the bringing together of people from around the world has to offer. That doesn’t just make Orlando a diverse and exciting place to live and spend time, but it also means that you’ll be able to enjoy a wide range of cuisines from all around the world. With delicious foods available from just about every region you can think of, there’s never been a better time for a food-lover to call Orlando home.

But all of this incredible food also creates a problem—how are you supposed to choose where to eat when you have literally hundreds of options all around you? Even when you focus in on a certain cuisine or food type, you’ll still be choosing from dozens of different restaurants each with their own unique spin on your favorite dishes. That’s where we come in. At McKinley Apartments, we’re not just about offering you the best apartments in Orlando, FL—we want you to get the most out of it once you’re here.

The Orlando Restaurant Scene

Orlando has been known as a world-class dining destination for decades, but only recently has it reached that level of foodie paradise that makes it a must-visit destination. For those of us fortunate enough to live here full-time, it can sometimes feel overwhelming trying to decide where to eat on a given night. From high-end dining options to fast eateries and comfort foods, there’s truly something for everyone.

And when it comes to Indian cuisine? You can bet that you’ll have plenty of incredible options covering every region of India (plus some great options that fuse together multiple regional foods with authentic Indian spices). With that in mind, we created this list of the absolute best Indian restaurants in Orlando to help you make an informed decision—and enjoy an incredible meal the next time you hit the town.

Our List of the Best Indian Restaurants in Orlando

So how did we rank the best Indian restaurants in Orlando?

First and foremost, we focused on the quality of food. All of the atmosphere in the world won’t make up for subpar taste. We chose restaurants that have consistently rated highly for providing incredibly delicious meals, authentic flavors, and wonderful spices—plus a wide range of options for serving different tastes.

Next, we gave high marks to restaurants that not only focus on quality food but on quality of experience. We included restaurants that deliver great dishes in a wonderful environment, particularly when they show a commitment to an authentic Indian dining experience.

Finally, we included restaurants from all across Orlando to give you the best Indian food Orlando has to offer. That way you’ll always be ready with a recommendation no matter where you find yourself on a given night or afternoon.

So without further ado, let’s dive into our ranking of the best Indian restaurants in Orlando.

1. Aashirwad

Best Indian Restaurants in Orlando - Aashirwad

Highly rated as the top of the food pyramid when it comes to being the best Indian restaurant in Orlando, Aashirwad has been beloved by locals since its opening. It features a fine-dining take on classic and authentic ingredients, applying modern cooking techniques and trendy ingredients to classic dishes. You’ll also love the impressively stylish way the food is presented, making you feel like you’re in a five-star restaurant with every bite. Aashirwad is also notable for its impressive cocktail bar and mezzanine, plus a wide range of dishes across every category. You also won’t believe just how many naan bread options are available. Some go-to favorite dishes include the lamb biryani and coconut lime curry, but we’re sure you’ll be able to find your own personal favorite before too long.

7000 s. Kirkman Road Orlando, FL 32819


2. Tabla Restaurant

Best Indian Restaurants in Orlando - Tabla Restaurant

Like your Indian food with a bit of international flavor? Tabla features not only some of the area’s best Indian dishes, but also some of its best Chinese and Thai cuisines as well. It’s this diversity that makes Tabla a favorite among Orlando locals, but that’s not all it has to offer. You’ll love the authentic atmosphere as well as the elegant décor that makes this a luxurious and romantic date night location.

Looking for a bit more of a casual experience? Try the lunch buffet, which will give you a chance to sample multiple options at an inexpensive price. And don’t forget to watch out for the Tabla Dish of the Month, which is a great way to discover what the chef is cooking up with fresh and in-season ingredients. Don’t miss out on this special Indian restaurant in Orlando!

5847 Grand National Drive, Orlando, FL – USA


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3. Sanaa

Best Indian Restaurant, Sanaa

Sanaa is a unique Indian dining treat in that it’s a true fusion experience, combining traditional and authentic Indian flavors with the cooking and dishes of Africa. These two countries have been intermingling in their cooking and cultures for centuries, and that includes food, so Sanaa makes for a natural pairing.

Another unique element of Sanaa? Where else in Orlando can you watch gazelles, zebras, giraffes, and ostriches grazing while you eat? Sanaa is located square in the middle of Disney’s Animal Kingdom, which makes it the perfect choice for dining after a long day exploring the park. Is it the best Indian restaurant in Orlando? You’ll have to decide for yourself.

4. Saffron Indian Cuisine

Best Indian Restaurant - Saffron Indian Cuisine

Among Orlando’s most established Indian restaurants and considered one of the best Indian restaurants in Orlando FL is Saffron Indian Cuisine, coming up on 8 years in the community as one of its favorite dining establishments. Like Aashirwad, Saffron has made a signature out of combining authentic dishes and ingredients with modern twists and contemporary presentations, all available in a refined setting complete with wood décor and elegant furnishings.

The Saffron kitchen is known for bringing traditional Indian seasonings and spices to dishes you may not traditional expect to find them in, and it makes for an exciting culinary journey. Don’t miss the tandoori wings, shrimp chili, lamb chops in spice and yogurt, and stuffed naan dishes. You can even enjoy catering and delivery services.

7724 W Sand Lake Rd, Orlando, FL 32819


5. Woodlands Indian Cuisine

Best Indian Restaurant in Orlando, Woodlands Indian Cuisine

A great vegetarian option conveniently located in Orlando, Woodlands features both South Indian dishes and those with more of an Indo-Chinese twist. If you’re a vegetarian who’s frustrated by being limited by menus that offer only a limited range of options, you’ll love Woodlands’ massive menu—every last inch of it vegetarian-friendly. Every dish brings its own distinct flavors and style, and the presentation is stylish without being overly flashy or trendy. From samosas and dosas to palak paneer, the Woodlands menu is packed with every authentic Indian dish you can imagine. Even non-vegetarians will find plenty to love, as dishes are designed to be filling and satisfying without ever sacrificing flavor and authentic spices. Woodlands is a shoo-in for one of the best Indian restaurants in Orlando!

4816 N University Dr, Lauderhill, FL 33351


6. Flavors of India

Best Indian Restaurant - Flavors of India

Flavors of India is a new upstart in the Orlando food scene, opening its doors in 2017, but it’s already built a reputation as one of the freshest and best Indian restaurants in Orlando. They pride themselves on excellent service and providing authentic cuisines from both the North and South of India. Focusing on quality and service, you’re sure to have a great experience at Flavors of India.

But what about those flavors? Don’t worry, they’re excellent—and available for dine-in, takeout, or home delivery. Flavors of India even caters, whether you’re looking for a delicious wedding, corporate event, or banquet.

11701 International Drive, Ste. #310 Orlando, FL. 32821


7. Ahmed Indian Restaurant

Best Indian Restaurant in Orlando - Ahmed Indian Restaurant

Looking for an authentic Indian food experience without a long wait or a large bill at the end of your meal? Ahmed Indian Restaurant is the place for you. But don’t let the low-key environment and low menu prices fool you—their food is the real deal when it comes to delicious flavors and authentic cooking. Ahmed Indian Restaurant leans towards North Indian style dishes, and they offer an excellent lunch buffet for less than $10. It includes Indian classics like tandoori chicken, pilaf, and goat dishes. You’ll love the family-style approach to dining, and the established vibe of this restaurant that’s been in the Orlando community for over a decade.

One thing we love about Ahmed— they’re extremely flexible when it comes to adapting dishes based on your specific needs and requests, whether it comes to allergy needs or spiciness requests.

11301 S Orange Blossom Trail #104, Orlando, FL 32837


8. New Punjab Indian Restaurant

Best Indian Restaurant in Orlando, New Punjab Indian Restaurant

Perfectly located for those who have worked up an appetite after a day enjoying Orlando’s famous amusement parks, New Punjab Indian Restaurant has some of the best Indian food in Orlando and features a genuinely authentic approach and a homemade-style range of dishes that will make you feel as if you’ve wandered into an inviting home in India. But don’t be fooled—the folksy presentation is paired with excellent cooking and high-quality dishes that are absolutely packed with delicious Indian flavors. From grilled dishes to curries and rice dishes, you’ll love the no-frills dining that lets you focus on your delicious food rather than everything that surrounds it. And isn’t that what great eating is about?

7451 International Dr, Orlando, FL 32819


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9. Bombay Café

Best Indian Restaurants in Orlando, Bombay Cafe

Novices when it comes to Indian cuisine may think it’s all the same, but pros will know that you’re in for an entirely different experience depending on where in the country you find yourself. Fortunately, Orlando has plenty of Indian restaurants allowing you to explore the tastes of every region of India.

Straight out of South India is the Bombay Café, arguably the best Indian restaurant in Orlando FL which features classic South Indian dishes like idlidosa, rice crepes, and chole batura puffed bread. Vegetarian foodies will also love that the entire Bombay Café menu is vegetarian, and all dishes can be easily adapted to be vegan friendly as well. What more can you ask for in a delicious Indian restaurant?

Laxmi Plaza, 1137 Doss Ave suite: 1155, Orlando FL 32809


10. Tamarind Indian Cuisine

Best Restaurant in Orlando, Tamarind Indian Cuisine

Who says you can’t find comfort food at an Indian restaurant? Certainly not the chefs at Tamarind Indian Cuisine, who are firm believers in serving up delicious, filling, and hearty dishes that are authentic to Indian traditions as well as designed to leave diners feeling nice and full. You’ll love the flavor-filled signature concoctions including tandoori stuffed mushrooms and even tandoori chicken wings. Looking for a fascinating cultural fusion? Try Tamarind’s boti kebab, which combines Australian lamb chops with fresh Indian spices and cooks it all up in a traditional Indian clay oven for a flavorful and memorable dish you’ll be thinking about long after you’ve paid the bill. Tamarind’s rich flavors will impress and will not disappoint you as one of the best Indian restaurants in Orlando.

12309 E Colonial Dr, Orlando, FL 32826


11. Curry Mantra

Best Indian Restaurants in Orlando, Curry Mantra

While many Indian restaurants opt for a low-key, traditional and authentic dining experience, Curry Mantra offers something different. They pride themselves on a contemporary vibe and modern digs. But make no mistake, they have the bona fides to deliver incredible cooking and delicious foods. Their menu is as eclectic as their style, offering a wide range of everything from traditional dishes to new concoctions that blend old and new. If you’re looking to try something original and new in the world of Indian cuisine, give Curry Mantra a shot. This Indian restaurant in Orlando will open your eyes to authentic Indian cuisine!

6127 Westwood Blvd, Orlando, FL 32821, USA.


12. Himas Indian Cuisine

Himas Indian Cuisine offers the ‘finest seasonal ingredients in separate vegetarian and non-vegetarian kitchens.’ This dedication ensures that even the most vegan-friendly diners can be ensured that their meal will be prepared entirely free from contact with any meat or animal products.

Meanwhile, vegetarians and non-vegetarians will both be treated to an incredibly flavorful menu filled with authentic dishes and contemporary creations alike. They even offer a robust menu of delicious desserts that are as authentic as they are divine. Whether you’re coming in for an intimate date or a large group meal, Himas will be able to offer you with the carefully catered experience that will make your night one to remember. Himas caters to everyone’s dietary needs and makes itself one of the best Indian restaurants in Orlando.

5135 International Dr. #6, Orlando, FL 32819


13. Darbar Indian Restaurant

Best Indian Restaurants in Orlando, Darbar

Tradition might be the name of the game at Darbar, but don’t worry— they’re not afraid to put a modern and contemporary spin on authentic and traditional Indian dishes. For years Darbar has been a part of the Orlando community, and has quickly come to be considered a contender for the title of best Indian restaurant in Orlando.

What makes Darbar so impressive? Their menu is packed with variety and offers something for diners of all tastes, and each and every dish is loaded with incredible flavor and spices from across the Atlantic. Whether you’re an expert in Indian cuisines or want to try something new, Darbar Indian Restaurant is an excellent place to begin your journey in Orlando eating.

12185 South Apopka Vineland Rd Orlando FL


14. Khasiyat

Best Indian Restaurant in Orlando, Khasiyat

One of the longest-running restaurants on our list, Khasiyat has been a mainstay in Orlando since 1999. So what does two decades of culinary excellence look like? A world-class menu, phenomenal service, and delicious spices and seasonings that are as contemporary and fresh as they are authentic. This fully vegetarian Orlando institution features a menu centered around India’s Gujarati region, known for its veggie-based dishes like rotis, lentils, and delicious cauliflower creations.

Want to try a little of everything that Khasiyat has to offer? Try their thali, which features a range of dishes in a sampler-style meal that gives you the chance to try a range of dishes. You’ll also find dosas, vada and other authentic South Indian meals here as well. This Indian restaurant in Orlando has provided a long history of irreplaceable flavors and authenticity.

852, West Lancaster road, Orlando, Florida – 32809


15. Sizler Indian Restaurant

Best Indian Restaurant in Orlando, Sizler Indian

There are many Indian restaurants in Orlando, but what about an Indian food experience that caters to those who might struggle with particularly spicy foods? That’s where Sizler comes into the picture. They promise a wide range of curry spiciness levels based on each individual diner. They promise ‘curry can be spicy and yet mild. Each entrée is individually prepared to suit any flavoring from mild and medium to hot and very hot. And if you want things particularly spicy, Sizler will cater to you as well. Sizler may not be as well-known as other names on this list, but it’s a promising upstart with positive reviews and is continually growing its reputation as one of the best Indian restaurants in Orlando.

7511 International Dr. Orlando, FL 32819


16. Charcoal Zyka

Best Indian Restaurant in Orlando, Charcoal Zyka

Want to experience a truly unique cuisine pairing from one of the best Indian restaurants in Orlando? How about Charcoal Zyka, which combines traditional Indian cooking with…wait for it…Portuguese barbecue. While this might not seem like the most expected pairing, Charcoal Zyka pulls it offer with incredible success. They feature two full menus—one fully Indian-focused, and the other featuring a BBQ-centric lineup of dishes. These include Portuguese chicken, tender beef short ribs, and jerk chicken, among other incredible dishes.

Charcoal Zyka is also conveniently located near Universal Studios and Sea World, making it a perfect lunch or dinner stop during a day of activities in the amusement park district of Orlando.

10249 S John Young Pkwy Orlando, FL 32837


17. India Palace 

Best Indian Restaurant in Orlando, India Palace

India Palace has received high marks from local diners in the region, and it brings a no-frills approach to Indian cuisine without sacrificing quality. You’ll find all of the classics, including tandoori chicken, rice pilaf, and everything else you’d expect to find at a go-to Indian dining restaurant in Orlando. Located just a few miles from Walt Disney World Resort, India Palace is also a convenient spot to grab a quick bite without breaking the bank. Plus, it’s delicious—and isn’t that what really matters in the end?

8530 Palm Pkwy, Orlando, FL 32836

18. Dakshin Indian Cuisine

Best Indian Restaurant in Orlando, 
Dakshin Indian Restaurant

If you’re looking to have a creative eating experience that might introduce you to new dishes and flavors you’re not used to, then Dakshin Indian Cuisine is the restaurant for you. Not only do they rank in the list of best Indian restaurants in Orlando, but they also pride themselves on using local spices that Indian cuisine is famous for implementing to create unique dishes and complex menu items that will leave you feeling a bit more adventurous (and satisfied) than when you arrived.

The chefs at Dakshin have all been trained in traditional Indian kitchens with a focus on authentic ingredients, so you’re sure to find a great go-to dish that fully engages you in the authentic Indian food experience. We recommend the Chef’s Special Biryani for a world-class taste that you’ll be dreaming about for days after your meal.

12541 FL-535, Orlando, FL 32836


19. Spice Indian Grill

Best Indian Restaurant in Orlando, Spice Indian Grill

Rounding out our list of the best Indian restaurants in Orlando is the Spice Indian Grill, which features delicious Indian dishes and a wide range of options from mild to super-spicy. They bring gourmet Indian dining to Orlando with a modern setting that’s overflowing with contemporary style. Executive chef Suresh Subedi, who also owns the restaurant, studied his craft in Dawat and comes from one of the top restaurants in New York City. His dedication to his craft is evident in every dish, and he’s even been ranked by the Indian Culinary Association for his skills and experiences. If that’s enough to convince you that Spice Indian Grill is worth a visit, then what are you waiting for?

4498 N Alafaya Trail, Orlando, FL 32826


The Best Indian Food in Orlando

As you can see, this incredible city is fully stocked with a range of incredible Indian cuisine dining options. The next time you’re looking for the best Indian restaurant in Orlando, be sure to refer to this list—you might be reminded of an old favorite, or be inspired to try something completely new and expand your tastes on a new culinary adventure. Whether you’re looking for Northern spices, Southern flavors, or a blend of something completely original, you’ll find it here in the city.

Best Indian Food in Orlando

The good Indian restaurants in Orlando are just another reason that the city has become a top destination for people relocating from around the country. In addition to its theme parks, gorgeous weather, bustling nightlife, and active culture, you can also find some of the best dining in the country featuring cuisines from around the world. Maybe that’s why so many people are moving to Orlando to discover it for themselves.

Looking to make Orlando home? If you’re looking for a great place to rent and live in Orlando, check out our roomy apartments located in some of the best Orlando neighborhoods and near some of the best food the city has to offer. So what are you waiting for? Find your perfect Orlando home today with McKinley Apartments.

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