Celebrate #NationalDessertDay with these Unique Desserts in Tampa Bay

Today is National Dessert Day, which is pretty much every day if you’re us, but we appreciate the designated holiday. Whether you’re a before or after dinner dessert enthusiast, today is your day; don’t let it slip by. Thankfully, we have some unique dessert destinations in Tampa Bay. 

Here’s the hard part. Do you celebrate by staying in your McKinley Tampa Bay apartment to bake something, or do you hit the town for your sugar fix? If you go with the first option, sharing is caring. If you go for the latter, there are plenty of options.

While the history of #NationalDessertDay is as opaque as a cloud of powdered sugar, it’s safe to say that humans have been enjoying sweets for a long time. According to nationaltoday.com, the first recipe for Apple Pie originated from England in 1381. Now, bakers sell nearly $700 million worth of pies annually.  

“Life is uncertain. Eat dessert first.” – Ernestine Ulmer 

You’re probably feeling hungry for some sweets right about now, so let’s get to our suggestions. Here are five unique dessert spots in Tampa for those looking for something out of the ordinary.

1. The Revolution Ice Cream Co. 

6701 N Florida Ave, Tampa, FL 33604


Some revolutions are sweeter than others. Located on Kennedy Blvd, The Revolution Ice Cream serves up an ever-changing array of unusual and humorous flavors. With over 100 flavors on their track record, you know you’re in for a surprise each time you visit. 

Try the succulent Porky’s Delight— vanilla ice cream loaded with bacon and, wait for it, bacon brittle. Are you feeling worldwide? You won’t need your passport for a scoop of Euro Trash  delicious Nutella ice cream mixed with Biscoff cookies. 

How about breakfast for dessert? Try Callie’s Hotcakes  buttered pancake ice cream smothered in syrup. Come on, we know you’ve eaten pancakes before and thought, “I wish this were in ice cream form.” 

2. Beans & Barlour

538 1st Ave N, St. Petersburg, FL 33701

beans & barlour tampa bay dessert

You’re going to need a designated driver for this St Petersburgh dessert destination. When we say this is a unique restaurant, we mean it! To explain, “Beans & Barlour is St Petersburg’s only craft coffee bar and dessert lounge specializing in made from scratch alcohol-infused ice cream.”

While you’re probably used to adding chocolate or butterscotch sauce to your ice cream, at Beans & Barlour, you’re the one getting sauced. 

Jokes aside, the coffee bar and dessert lounge serve up alcoholic and non-alcoholic pints in flavors that include whiskey bacon pecan and mango champagne sorbet. For those on the wagon, they have flavors ranging from cold brew to cotton candy. 

Be the life of the party with Beans & Barlour’s custom boozy cakes. Let your imagination run wild as you select your boozy ice cream flavor, frosting, and toppings, which include rainbow lollipops, rock candy, sprinkles, and ice cream sandwiches. 

3. (swah-rey) 

2105 Central Ave, St. Petersburg, FL 33713

swah rey dessert tampa

Okay, we never intended this delicious outing to turn into a dessert bar crawl, but here we are. Not quite as boozy as our last destination, (swah-rey) sells alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages with its delicious baked goods. 

Locals know (swah-rey) for their hookup  a mini cupcake served on top of a narrow beverage glass. The bar offers over 20 flavors of cupcakes, including Boston cream, pancakes ‘n bacon (people are really into pancake-flavored desserts), and zesty lemon. Next, choose your drink! You can go non-alcoholic with tea and coffee or keep it boozy with beer and wine for the beverage. 

Further, other dessert options include cake, pie in a glass, crème brûlée, and dessert bars. 

4. Funky Sweets 

11024 4th St N, St. Petersburg, FL 33716

funky sweets st petersburgh dessert

Grab your platform shoes and boogie oogie oogie your way down to Funky Sweets; a “’70s themed disco dessert destination” in St. Petersburgh.

Reach your sugar quota and then some with their sundae combos that pair locally-made ice cream with fried funnel cakes and mini donuts. Don’t worry; you can disco dance off the extra calories. 

A look at their menu, and you might assume the minds behind Funky Sweets concocted it after a late night of partying. For example, try the Oreo Speedwagon, a bed of deep-fried Oreos topped with ice cream of your choice, or, if the season is right, take a bite of Funky Sweets’ deep-fried pumpkin pie. 

5. Bake’n Babes 

103 E Jackson St, Tampa, FL 33602

bake'n babes dessert

What makes Bake’n Babes a unique dessert destination in Tampa Bay is the freak shake, which changes monthly. These over the top shakes stack delicious ingredients such as waffles, cupcakes, and candy on top of a delicious ice cream drink. 

I mean, how ghoulishly yummy does this October Freak Shake sound? “A Vanilla shake topped with a chocolate cupcake covered in Oreos, sour green apple cotton candy, & a ghost lollipop!⁣” The only thing scary about this shake is its sugar content. 

Also, with the ubiquity of CBD products, it’s no surprise Bake’n Babes in Tampa sells CBD gummies along with its delicious cookies and brownies. 

Have a Sweet Time at These Tampa Bay Dessert Spots

There are many culinary perks when it comes to living in the Tampa Bay area, but dessert is undoubtedly the cherry on top (pun intended). We hope these unique dessert spots in Tampa Bay make for an enjoyable, sugar-fueled experience. 

Finally, please let us know what your favorite dessert destination is near your McKinley Tampa apartment!